Friday, June 1, 2012

Sneaky, Sneaky Smoothie

So, Day 3 of the Glorious Greens challenge (if you are just tuning in, and have no idea what I am talking about, you can read about it here)! After yesterday's success with kale chips, I decided to give kale another go, but this time in a smoothie - a spicy pear smoothie!  

Real quick side note: If you want the "professional" recipe you can get it here on the lovely food blog, With Style & Grace.  I, as a general rule, take recipes as suggestions and usually just pour or add ingredients to taste. This method is not highly recommended (mostly by the Husband), but if you choose to follow it, here is how I went about getting my smoothie (which was slightly amazing if I do say so myself). 

The ingredients I used were as follows: 

・4-5 ice cubes 
・about 1 cup of Vanilla Soy Milk (I just poured it in so I am assuming it was about one cup)
・1 (frozen) pear - peeled & diced 
・about 1 cup (again, kind of a guess) of Kale (with stems removed and torn into pieces)
・fresh ginger (be generous if you enjoy an extra kick of "spice"), ground cinnamon, honey & vanilla extract to taste

Directions - (1) Peel & dice pear; then put into a ziplock bag and freeze (this will make the smoothie extra cold), (2) (Once pear pieces are frozen,) Add ice & milk to blender - pulse a few times to break up the ice (I actually did not do this step because I read the "professional" recipe way too fast and missed it. BIG mistake on my part as me and the blender went on to have an epic battle trying to mix full-size ice cubes plus all of the ingredients at once. And, although I did eventually win, trust me, its a whole lot easier to just remember to do step #2!), (3) Add the rest of the ingredients to the blender and blend until smooth, (4) Pour & enjoy! 

So, if you are one who cries at the mere thought of ingesting leafy greens, I swear to you no one would ever know there is kale in this drink. Plus, I had this smoothie for breakfast and have felt great all day! (So, who knows maybe there is something to this eating your greens bit.) Anyways, kudos to Lisa of With Style & Grace for creating this sneaky (and tasty) recipe to get your daily greens in!


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