Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Glorious Greens

One thing I strive for in life is balance in mind, body, and soul.  My weakest area? Hands-down, a balanced diet (unless you consider coffee a healthy breakfast).  I love pilates, yoga, and my Bar Method classes, but when it comes to eating right? Well... thats a whole other story.  

So, in my search for healthy recipes, I came across this lovely food blog called With Style & Grace, and I noticed that Lisa, the blogger/author, was starting a program called Foundations of Food where she and another food coach, Lacy, teach a small group of women about the fundamentals of food. (Its kind of amazing how the universe seems to give you exactly what you need at exactly the right moment!) Its not so much of a diet program but an educational program. One where I could learn about different types of foods and their benefits to the body in order to incorporate a more balanced diet to my everyday being - plus, the group goes one step further and explains how these various foods impact (and balance) you emotionally and mentally. (Not to mention they provide a ton of easy recipes to keep you on a healthy routine, even for the cooking-challenged like me!) 

Anyways, I obviously joined (how could I not?) and this is our first week! Our first assignment is called "Glorious Greens" where Lacy and Lisa explained all the amazing benefits of eating leafy greens for the mind & body and asked us to eat one leafy green vegetable per day.  While that may seem easy as cake to most of you, I am definitely not one to pick out a vegetable (especially, a green one) from the fridge as my afternoon snack. So, this may be a bit of a challenge for moi. 

Today, my green leafy vegetable was collard greens.  And, because I have become obsessed with juicing these past few weeks, I juiced some collard greens, white grapes, and pears. It was a small dose of deliciousness. 

And for tomorrow's menu - kale chips


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