Thursday, May 31, 2012

The New & Improved Chip

In following the Foundations of Food's assignment of one leafy green per day, today I decided to try kale.  I so wish I was hardcore and could eat it raw, but being the veggie wuss that I am, it required a little something more in order to get it down my throat.  So, from a recipe provided by With Style & Grace, I baked some kale chips. And, let me just say, these little bits of salty heaven blew my mind. 

The recipe was super easy too! (1) Just cut off the stems of the kale & rinse.  (2) Pat dry & tear the leaves into bite size pieces.  (3) Then, place the dried kale leaves into a bowl and add some olive oil into the mix.  Make sure to "massage" the olive oil into the leaves so each leaf is well-coated.  (4) Finally, sprinkle some salt onto the kale pieces (warning - do so sparingly. I overdosed on the salt first round & almost killed the Husband).

(5) Pop into the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes at 350 degrees or until the leaves are crunchy.  (oh, btw, I am in no way a chef, so click the above "recipe" link for the professional's step-by-step instructions.  And don't worry I won't be offended - to be honest, I would probably do the same.)

And voilà- a healthy snack! 

I liked kale so much, I think I will try it in a shake next! Tune in tomorrow for more details!



  1. I've made these, they're awesome. =) I love greens. =)

    1. Me too, Shalynne! In fact, I am straight ADDICTED to these kale chips. haha! Thanks for stopping by :)