Hello! I'm Jamie, the photographer behind Intertwyned.  Just recently, Fall 2011 to be exact, I took the leap of faith and quit my day job (as a lawyer) to whole-heartedly follow my passion, photography. And I never looked back.  

This blog chronicles my journey in my new career path (as well as life). And, in the present moment, I am allowing myself space to explore any and all aspects and avenues of photography in hopes of discovering my professional niche.  So, you can expect a wide variety of photographs here - from couples, families, & pets to life-style shoots, landscape, & product photography.  I am trying it all and enjoying every step of the way!  

More than anything though, I am a photographer inspired by the simple beauties of Mother Earth - whether that be the wind gently rustling the trees, the sun's light dancing on a chandelier, or the grass beneath your feet.  To me, photography is meditative. Its taking a moment to pause, reflect, and genuinely see the world around us. Its about life, timelessly woven... 

My studio is based in southern California, where I live with the loves of my life - my husband, Brad, and my two shih-tzu pups, Sophie & Kimo. However, as I am always up for a new adventure and inspired by Earth's vast beauty, you may find me and camera popping up in all sorts of random places!  

Thank you for stopping by! And please do not hesitate to say hello! I am always up for a good chat :) 

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