Thursday, August 2, 2012

5 Senses of Here & Now

My senses this afternoon lunch break...

Sound: classical music playing in the background. 
Smell: the scent of clean, just-washed hands. 
Touch: the soft, comfy fabric of my yoga pants.
Taste: a touch of salt sprinkled upon my avocado, hard boiled egg, and wheat toast lunch.  
Sight: Kimo lifting his head from a nap to see what Sophie is up to (most likely to make sure she doesn't take his toy!)  



  1. Hi, I am cozysanctuary (Tika) from instagram. I asked you about the dog's bed last month. I am looking for photographer for Kyle, but you are located in CA. We live in IL the cold land.

    My goodness, this puppy face is something. Have you ever said no to your puppy ever? I would not be able to.

    I have Lhasa Apso, his name is Kyle, and he is very territorial with his toys. When we babysit another dog, no dog allowed to be near Kyle's toys.

    take care

    1. Hi there! I love your instagrams! :) Thanks for stopping by here on my blog!

      It IS hard to say "No" to Kimo! hahaha I melt at that face... although we do say "No" when he is being a meanie to Sophie (our other Shih Tzu) about sharing his toys! haha

      And, btw, I LOVE the lhasa apso pups too! :)

      See you on Instagram!