Friday, August 3, 2012

Adopt Me Friday!

For this edition of Adopt Me Friday, I am featuring this little love bug, named Baby Jane. She is 6 pounds, 6 years old, and a Maltese/Mini Schauzer mix. Initially, she is a bit shy with new people (or at least she was with me) but quickly warms up! In only a short 72 hours, Baby Jane is already following her foster mom around and cuddling in her lap! This adorable little girl is also crate-trained and has had no accidents so far! Sounds like an angel, right? Well, words and pictures don't do her justice - just wait until you meet her! She really IS an angel! If interested, please see the Lovebugs Rescue Group's website for more information on Baby Jane and the adoption process in general!

Also, be sure to come back on Sept 7th for the next edition of Adopt Me Friday

Happy Adopting, Friends!!


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  1. I wish I could take! I love that you do this, I want to do the same in my neck of the woods!