Monday, July 30, 2012

Life's Little Joys

This photo of Kimo & Sophie was provided by one of the friendly employees of our local Starbucks! 

These are my little pups (loves of my life!), Kimo & Sophie. And, one of our favorite morning routines/treats is to hit the local Starbucks drive-thru lane after our walk around the neighborhood. And, let me tell you, nothing gives these two pups more delight than watching the Starbucks employees do their thing through the drive-up window (as well as hear how cute they are - goes straight to their heads!). Just the sight of the Starbucks driveway makes their tails wag on hyper-speed!  

And this got me thinking - isn't it amazing what our pets can teach us if we just slow down and listen? Kimo & Sophie bring so much joy to my life as well as teach me everyday that its the small things that matter and, most importantly, to never forget to cherish all of life's little joys, even a morning run to Starbucks!

Here's to a new week full of life's little joys! Happy Monday, Friends! 


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