Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pin, Pin, Pin...

One of my very first Pins ever. I am STILL melting at that face!

As I admitted awhile back (here), Pinterest is my crack.  And as a true & true addict, I pin every single day (no joke - just ask the Husband).  And, without fail, each day I discover a few gems of inspiration to apply to my photography, details of Intertwyned, and personal life. So, instead of keeping these tidbits of beauty & wisdom to myself, I want to share a few favorites! Also, please feel free to do the same! I am always looking for my next pin :)

I sincerely hope you enjoy these creative Pinners' boards as much as I! 

1. For all things Paper
2. For Summer dreaming
3. For getting Inked 
4. For the art of hand Lettering
5. For the love of Mint
6. For Bathing beauties 
7. For a few soulful Words
8. For some Alfresco Dining 
9. For living the Happy life 
10. For simple Interiors 
11. For delish Eats 
12. For Adventures in Traveling  
13. For a bit of Natural History 
14. For a sample of my favorite Photographs
15. For lovely Inspiration Boards

Happy Pinning! 


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