Monday, July 9, 2012

Foundations of Food, Chapter 3: Beans

As discussed previously (here), my Foundations of Food group is onto Assignment 3 - beans! Incorporating beans into my daily dietary routine was a whole lot easier than the Great Grains assignment as beans have been and are my favorite source of protein (behind cheese, if that counts!). I am not a huge fan of meat (eating it literally makes me sad) so plant-based proteins and/or fish are my best bets.  However, because I still have some issues with eating fish (don't even try to bring me a live lobster before my meal or a whole fish with its eyes still intact!), beans tend to be my go-to protein source. Plus, they are high in fiber, iron, & B vitamins! 

This is my lunch today - White Bean & Tuna Salad (recipe is here) packed in a mason jar.  I swear by this easy meal (especially for those of us who are always on the go and/or don't especially want to spend a lot of time cooking a gourmet meal) - its delicious but nutritious & light but satisfying! A perfect meal for the busy beauties of the world! 

Happy (Healthy) Eating! And Happy Monday! :)



  1. LOVE! I'm the exact same way... meat makes me sad, beans make me happy!

    1. Thanks, Lacy! So sweet of you to stop by! :)