Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Sandy Beach on Oahu 

I am back!  And, although I am probably stating the obvious - a week in Hawaii really does the body & soul some good. I enjoyed a week of walking the beach, eating delicious food, photographing beautiful locales and people, and having some time to hear the wind in the trees, feel the cool waves at my feet, and taste the salt in the air. I returned home rested, rejuvenated, and tan :) 

And, even though a part of me misses the beauty of Hawaii as well as my family and friends, I am so happy to be home! I just loved waking up in my own bed this morning surrounded by my sweet pups and the Husband! A perfect way to start my first day back! 

To see some of my lovely visit to Hawaii (via my i-phone photos), just click here and here. More photos to come in the next week or so! Aloha! 



  1. Rejuvenating, Jamie! I can't wait to check out the rest of your gorgeous photos. I hope that your tan lines stay with you for some time, and welcome back to the mainland! :)

    1. Why thank you very much! Its good to be back - although I do miss that Hawaiian air!