Monday, July 16, 2012

5 Senses of Here & Now

"Normally, we do not so much look at things as overlook them." 
— Alan Watts. 

How many times have you drove (or is it driven?) to the store but cannot recall any one particular moment from your drive or cooked an entire meal on auto-pilot? Me too. Isn't it so easy to get overwhelmed and lost in the madness of the to-do's, must-do's, should-do's?

Well, one of my favorite blogs, Milk is Quiet, is about mindfulness and living in the present moment through your five senses - about appreciating the right now through observing the sights, smells, sounds, tastes etc. of this moment (see here for an example).  I think it is one of the loveliest blogs I have come across in a long time and I am truly smitten with Charmaine's (the creative being behind Milk is Quiet) words & images.

After discovering Milk is Quiet earlier this year, I started incorporating mini breaks throughout the day to sense whats around me. To mentally note the here & now. And it is so incredibly amazing how much you can sense when you slow down and just be in this moment. Not what you need to do next or what you didn't do yesterday - just right here, right now. 

You start to notice little things you were never aware of before - like the sight of a leaf falling, the wind's touch upon your face, or the scent of coffee while you walk by the break room. 

In fact, I am so inspired by Milk is Quiet, I want to pass the love on and try something similar here. If you are so inclined, join me and take a minute to sense the present moment. Where are you? What do you see? Smell? What do you hear? Do you taste something? What are you touching and how does it feel? Simply just take note. 

Here are my five senses of here & now...

Sight: my sweet pup, Sophie, looking up at me (I am guessing for a treat!).
Sound: some birds chirping in the far distance.  
Smell: the scent of vanilla from the candle on my desk.
Touch: my bare feet upon the brick floor, still cool from the night. 
Taste: the hint of cinnamon in my latte.

I believe through & through that life is simply a collection of moments. Here's to not letting them pass us by unnoticed or un-sensed. 



  1. This is such a beautiful write-up, Jamie! Thank you, and I am honored to be a part of your blog day:) It's very humbling...

    Your list of senses are so vivid. I can smell that vanilla candle from where I sit. That cinnamon in the photo is, of course, perfect. I agree that life is simply a collection of moments. I love how you phrased that. I'm looking forward to more of your captured senses, dear. xoxc

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Charmaine. I just adore your blog and the soulfulness behind it - thank you for sharing with the world such a lovely idea and allowing me to share it as well! I can't wait to read more from you in the future!