Thursday, June 7, 2012

Alaska Bound!

In selecting a travel destination, more times than not, my decision is solely based on whether or not (1) I can see (and by "see", I mean "hold, love, and/or help") an animal; (2) find spiritual enlightenment in the process (i.e., walk the Camino de Santiago or explore the monasteries of Bhutan), and/or (3) find a remote spot in nature for the slight chance of an amazing photography opportunity. The Husband does not find these factors as convincing as I do. So, we usually end up compromising on a spot where I can do one of those things while he relaxes (meaning, play Words with Friends and/or check his scores for his fantasy baseball or football teams) preferably on a beach somewhere. 

For 2012, we opted for Alaska. I had read that the glaciers in Alaska are melting and shrinking every year - although, in my mind, that translated to the icebergs will be gone by the end of the year! Thus, I insisted we explore Alaska ASAP.  The Husband agreed as long as it was on a cruise ship (with wi-fi if possible) and not on some kayaking expedition (he knows me all too well). 

So, this Sunday we are off on our Alaskan cruise to see the beauty of the Northern glaciers (and hopefully, some whales along the way!). And, although the Husband doesn't know this just yet, I booked some exciting excursions that will surely fulfill at least one of my above-stated requirements (as well as be out of cell service)! 

Cross your fingers I can capture a photograph just as gorgeous as this one that I found on Pinterest... (sigh)

(Photograph by Alistair Knock)



  1. I'll keep my fingers crossed, that would be magnificent blown up on a wall HUGE!