Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Month, New Project - Souvenir Foto School

Photo provided by Besotted Brand. 
This month, I am taking on a new adventure, Souvenir Foto School, taught by the talented Besotted Brand.  Basically, every day in February, I, along with my online classmates, submit a photo for each letter of the alphabet until we work through all 26 letters (we get 4 "rest" days). Additionally, if one so chooses, you can select a theme to focus your work even further within the alphabet parameters.  For example, some of my classmates chose themes of patterns, the five senses, natural history, still life, NYC, food, etc.  I have chosen--drumroll please-- simple beauties.  

Life is made up of simple things - a cup of coffee, a ray of light, a hand written note, a morning walk...  And, really, those are the things that make me most happy.  So, I figured why not take this opportunity to pause each day and reflect upon (and photograph) the simple beauties of life?  All in all, it should be a fun and inspiring month! 


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