Friday, February 1, 2013

Adopt Me Friday!

Meet Stella. She is a 1 year old, silky terrier mix and was found wandering the streets of LA dragging a chain around her neck. :( Good news is that she is now safe & sound with the Lovebugs Rescue Group here in Santa Ana until she can find a family to call her own! When Stella & I had our photo shoot yesterday, she was full of life, always wagging her tail, and as sweet as they come! Pretty much a perfect pet :)

If interested in this little lady, please go to the Lovebugs website for more information! 

On a side note, and heartbreakingly so, this will be my last Adopt Me Friday post for awhile.  Due to my growing belly (I am almost 8 months pregnant!), its getting increasingly difficult for me to bend, lean, and/or lay down in order to get to eye level with these amazing little pups.  So, I think its time I call it quits for a few months, BUT I will be back after my little bundle of joy is born and we will resume right where we left off! 

In the meantime, here are some awesome animal shelters' & adoption groups' websites (that I have personally worked with in the past) you should definitely check out if looking for that special pup (or cat!) to call your best friend... Pet Project FoundationLovebugs Rescue Group, and Seal Beach Animal Shelter.  And please drop me a note if you adopt a sweet pea while I am away - it will totally make my day!!

Happy Adopting, friends! 


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