Thursday, May 3, 2012


I woke up today with an intense case of wanderlust. So, in hopes to appease it, I decided to look through a few (million) photos of my past travels.  Last year, the Husband and I traveled to Europe with one of our stops being the quaint town of Brugge, Belgium. While there, I suggested (begged) that we take a bike ride to explore the villages, pastures, and lands beyond!  (Sidebar: I love to stray off the beaten path when traveling in hopes to discover new places (photo ops).  The Husband, on the other hand, believes the path was beaten for a reason (safety) and that we should maintain a prudent distance between us and the railings at all times.) Needless to say, my suggestion was not highly received. He attempted to talk reason by explaining that I do not even know how to ride a bike (that's a whole other story) and, thus, this would not end well for anyone involved. I explained (argued) how hard could it be to ride a bike?! If toddlers can do it, I most certainly can do it as I am an adult with, by the way, exceptional balance and ability. I am fairly certain he agreed only in hopes to see me fall and prove he was right all along.

For the record, I did not fall. But, with that being said, the ride out of the city limits was the MOST frightening thing of my life.  It just so happened to be Easter weekend and the streets were packed with locals & tourists on vacation.  To make matters worse, Europeans are straight-up ninjas on bikes.  I have never seen such insane maneuvering skills! So, long story short, me and my death grip made it out of the city alive (barely) and in one piece (by walking the bike most of the way out of town).

However, once we reached the bike path to the next town, all of the flashes of my life before my eyes became worth it.  The beauty of the countryside was absolutely stunning.  It actually took my breath away.  And, despite the fact that the Husband kept reminding (yelling at) me to put my camera away and focus on the path, even he admitted the ride was awesome and was happy we did it (of course, it was well after we had returned the rental bikes and were safely back in our hotel room).  All in all, it was a perfect morning exploring the countryside of Belgium...


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