Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Like Magic

The weekend before last, I got the honor of photographing the most beautiful & intimate wedding in St. Helena in Napa Valley.  And while I have attended my fair share of weddings, this one will stand out for years to come... 

The whole day was magical -  as if love just filled the air and into all of our souls, as if I could actually reach out and touch the love with my hand. I felt like I was in a video for Elton John's song "Can You Feel the Love Tonight". No joke. And I am not talking between just the bride & groom but everywhere and everyone - even me, the photographer. There was actually a moment when the bride and her father were dancing that my eyes welled up with so many tears I had to fumble with my camera just so I could get my sh*t (excuse my french) together before someone spotted the photographer freaking losing it.  

The whole day was so incredibly enchanting that I thought I should share a few photographs...

And for last, I saved the absolute best... as the reception winded down, and guests mingled outside on the patio, I looked over my shoulder to make sure I didn't leave anything inside the dining room and there I saw the most breathtaking view - the bride & groom slow dancing all alone, just two souls basking in the moment as newlyweds.  Magic I tell you. 



  1. Wow these turned out beautiful!

    1. Thank you, T! That means a TON coming from you (and your sharp eye for photography)!