Friday, February 24, 2012

Adopt Me Friday!

So, I have good news and bad news.  Good news is that Intertwyned is picking up speed and taking off! Its so exciting to be exploring different avenues of photography, such as my new-found love of product photography! However, between traveling to LA twice a week and my lovely clients on the weekends, time is becoming sparse.

Hence, the bad news - instead of Adopt me Friday being a weekly post, I will do a special post  once a month. Not too drastic. However, it still makes me sad. I love visiting the pups every week.  Its one of my favorite things in the world to take a dog out of his/her kennel so I can play, hug, and photograph him/her.  So, it pains me to limit my visits to once a month now.  But, in order to have enough time at the shelters to give the pups the attention they need, I have to do it this way.  Right now, my time with them is rushed and I hate that.  So, I hope this allows me that quality time with the dogs as well as gets you some quality photos of these sweet animals!

For this week, I have an amazing dog currently residing with the Lovebugs Rescue group in Santa Ana... Meet Ireland.  This cutie is two years old and a lhasa apso mix.  She was turned in at an animal shelter with 6 puppies who are also up for adoption! This little girl is so sweet and has the kindest eyes. I just adore her! If you want more information on Ireland or any of her adorable puppies, check it out here. Happy Adopting! 


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