Friday, October 28, 2011

Adopt Me Friday!

Um so I love animals. Actually, love is probably an understatement. I absolutely, 100%, with all my heart adore animals, especially dogs. So, when I heard that my pups' groomer, Jennifer (and owner of the Zuri Pet Spa), went to the Riverside Animal Shelter every week to groom dogs for free in hopes to better their chances at adoption, I jumped at the chance to tag along and play with a few pups for the afternoon.     

What's more? Jennifer even brings a handful of puppies home to assist in finding them loving families from her pet spa in San Juan Capistrano (for more info on Zuri Pet Spa, click here). Amazing, right? Yeah, pretty much. In fact, so amazing she inspired me to do my part as well...

Every week, I will photograph and feature an adorable dog that needs a loving family to call his/her own.  If you are interested in adopting, email me for more information.  Also, be sure to check out Intertwyned's Facebook page for more info and pictures of other sweet adoptable pups.
Its so simple - check the blog, fall in love, contact me, and adopt! Easy peasy.  Happy adopting!  

This baby girl is a chihuahua & shepherd mix and is only 3 months old.  She is the cutest thing too (and knows it!) - bouncing all over the lawn, wagging her tail, and basically loving all the attention. Typical girl :) 

P.S. If you adopt one of the dogs from my blog or Facebook page, Jennifer will do a free grooming to get your new BFF all clean and cuddly in no time! In addition, I will do a  complimentary mini photo session of you and your adopted pup - free grooming and your own personal paparazzi session, what could be better? :) 



  1. We adopted our little goofball dog from Jennifer also. She is the best dog ever.

    1. Yay!! That is great news!! Email me at re where you live. I would love to do a complimentary puppy photo session with your adopted pup and family! I am on maternity leave right now but will be back this summer...

      Hope to hear from you soon!

      And, thanks, Jake, for stoping by and updating me! I am so thrilled to hear when pups on the blog get adopted and I love hearing how they are doing! Thank you!